Jalapeño Bean & Cheese (Dozen) Tamales


Spicy and cheesy delight! Try our Jalapeño Bean & Cheese Tamales – a symphony of flavors in every bite. Order now for pickup or delivery.



Introducing our delectable Jalapeño Bean & Cheese Tamales – a spicy and cheesy delight for your taste buds! These tamales combine the perfect blend of flavorful beans, zesty jalapeños, and gooey cheese, wrapped in a soft, steamed corn husk. With every bite, you’ll experience a symphony of tastes – the hearty beans, the kick of jalapeños, and the creamy goodness of cheese. Whether you’re a vegetarian or simply love bold flavors, these tamales are a must-try. Share the joy of Jalapeño Bean & Cheese Tamales with friends and family at gatherings, or enjoy them as a satisfying snack or meal. Made with love and passion, they bring an authentic taste of Mexico to your table. Order now for local pickup or nationwide home delivery and treat yourself to the irresistible blend of spice and cheesiness in these delectable tamales!

Steaming-hot tamales cannot be shipped.

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Dimensions2 × 2 × 2 in
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