Southwest Vegetarian (Dozen) Tamales


Savor the vibrant flavors of Southwest Vegetarian Tamales – a burst of taste with wholesome ingredients. Perfect for vegetarians and flavor enthusiasts! Order now for local pickup or nationwide home delivery.



Introducing our Southwest Vegetarian Tamales – a taste adventure inspired by the bold flavors of the Southwest. Crafted with wholesome vegetarian ingredients, these tamales feature a delectable fusion of vibrant spices, corn, beans, and savory vegetables. Each bite is a celebration of taste, as the tangy spices intertwine with the hearty goodness of the vegetables. Our Southwest Vegetarian Tamales are perfect for those seeking a burst of flavor without meat, while embracing the rich culinary heritage of the Southwest. Whether you’re a dedicated vegetarian or simply crave a mouthwatering delight, these tamales are a must-try. Share the joy of Southwest Vegetarian Tamales with friends and family, or savor them as a satisfying meal or snack. Order now for local pickup or nationwide home delivery and embark on a taste journey that brings the essence of the Southwest to your plate. Experience the goodness and vibrancy of these tamales, lovingly handcrafted for your delight!

Steaming-hot tamales cannot be shipped.

Available for local pick up only.

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